Sailing from Stavanger to Tromsø

You know when the stars and moon align, magic stuff happen. I spend ‘some’ time on the internet looking at what other people do on the oceans and in the mountains. I’ve had my eyes on a boat in Norway called Barba, doing expeditions with photographers and videographers in the arctic for some time. When he posted on his blog that he wanted crew for a sail along the coast of Norway I couldn’t miss the chance to at least send a mail. After som Skype and mailing it was decided, I was going to sail from Stavanger to Tromsø on the boat Barba. It was a month long expedition of first sailing and then scouting for orcas north of Tromsø. This will just be a short teaser and images from the sail. Hopefully I will write something up in the future about this expedition. It was great! And I got to know some amazing people. Look out for a documentary about Andreas and his boat Barba.