PrimaLoft® new alternative for down

PrimaLoft will release a new insulation “PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume®” It is comparable to down in insulation and feel, but synthetic. Personally I have started to like synthetic insulation more and more. Both for the sake of the birds and the increasing performance of synthetic insulation.

“With its good insulation performance, its hydrophobic properties, the look and feel, and easy processing, PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume® is being implemented by manufacturers in very versatile ways. For example, in midlayers for alpine adventures, in warming jackets for light hikes, and in warming all-weather jackets for everyday life in the city.”


ISPO Blog post

Surly Lowside minimalistic singlespeed

I really like Surly bikes approach to bikes. This seems to be a BMX for grown-ups.

“We tried to focus on these concepts when revisiting the legacy 1×1 frame. Our goal was to do something that would be fun to ride, stripped down and simple, compatible with a lot of parts you already own, and a bit of a throwback — but not too far back. Many of us still have 1x1s and enjoy them, but that bike is a bit dated. Bike handling geometry has changed a lot but the simple execution of it remains a defining feature. Bike fit has evolved. Trails we ride on are different. We love our old 1x1s because the bike just works. We wanted to address all of this with the Lowside. Produce a bike that was decidedly simple and fun to ride, but matched our expectations around bike fit and riding style, and was a bit less costly to produce.”

I might not buy this bike, but it sure looks like a fun and nimble bike to play around with. Both on the trails and the citys bike parks.

Surly Lowside

Surly Lowside blog post

Toaks woodstove review

I am in love with a stove. It’s the Toaks titanum woodstove. The stove is made of titanium and is durable and lightweight, and it burns on small sticks, pine cones etc. So you will never run out of fuel. The con is that it takes time and there will be smoke. There is two versions of the stove, small woodstove 151 gram and normal size woodstove at 225 gram. You will have to learn how to use to stove and what you can put in it. The stove is made to take air/oxygen from the outside to get the wood gas to burn.

This is the stove I use when I know I will be in forest areas (everywhere in Stockholm) and have time to fiddle around with sticks and fire. It consumes some time and energy, a normal gas stove is much quicker and cleaner. But the gas will run out and you will have to carry the extra weight.

Toaks titanium woodstove
Toaks titanium woodstove from above
Fire in the woodstove.

Fornstigen Trail in Stockholm

When you pass the castle Drottningholm you’ll find a perfect trail very close to Stockholm. It is 18km long and suitable for mountainbike ride, trail run or hike. The trail is well marked with blue squares.

The trail is popular with sunday walkers, mountainbikers and runners. On a weekend you will not be alone. This is a perfect hiking trail in Stockholm, specially if you visit Drottningholm.

Roslagsleden Hiking north of Stockholm

Roslagsleden is a hiking trail in old viking areas. It was started 1977 and have been extended to Grisslehamn. You can get to the starting points by commuting traffic. It starts near Danderyds kyrka and ends in Grisslehamn. It is 190km long and is well marked with good camp grounds, water sources and cafées and lodging. There is 11 sections, if you are fast/running you can cover more sections.

Google map for Roslagsleden with water sources, wind breaks and cafés and lodging.

Sörmlandsleden Hiking trail in Stockholm

Sörmlandsleden is one of the bigger trails in the Stockholm area. It is well marked and can be accessed by commuter traffic and can therefor be walked from A to B. It starts at a subway station called Björkhagen The trail has windbreaks in the camping areas which most of are situated by a lake with drinkable water (boil or filter if you want to be sure). The homepage has alot of information and maps for members. The trail is well marked and water sources is scattered all over so you don’t really need more guiding.

This map contains the actual hike and camping areas and water sources.

Camping in stockholm. Sörmlandsleden
sörmlandsleden early winter
Sörmlandleden with some snow
Hiking sörmlandsleden
Old cave found hiking i Stockholm

Top 5 Hiking Trails in Stockholm

Stockholm is a great place for weekend hikes or day hiking. It’s really easy to get to the trails with public transport and it’s not that far away. This is just a pick, there is so much more to find.

  1. Kärsöleden. A 6 km marked trail on the small island Kärsön very close to
    Kärsöleden trail

    Drottningholm. You can make the hike longer by walking along the shore all the way there from the City centre. Just follow the waterline, the path is actually really nice almost all the way. From Tranebergsbron and back is 25 km. If you start from the City Centre, just follow Norr Mälarstrand along the water and pass over the bridge.

  2. Tyresta By. One hour from the city you find a café and alot of trails that spreads in different directions. Take the tram to Handen then a bus to Tyresta By. From there you can make excursions just for a day or overnight trips. Sörmlandsleden connect to Tyresta By and it is a hub for alot of trails. The campsites are mostly located by picturesque lakes and provide a windbreak and wood for a camp fire.
  3. Hellasgården. Just a half hour away this outdoor area is the perfect destination both summer and winter. When the lake freeze up you can go ice-skating, in summer there are a myriad of trails for running, walking or biking. From Slussen you take a bus to Hellasgården
  4. Hagaparken. This park at the edge of the city provides some nice strolls and cafés and museums. Combine with a visit to Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet. Walk from Odenplan or take a bus to Norrtull or Ynglingagatan
  5. Sörmlandsleden. The easiest option for a multi day hike in Stockholm. You can choose where to start and stop depending on how long you want to be out. This map of Sörmlandsleden shows cafés, campsites etc. My two tips are Mölnbo to Järna or Flemingsberg to Handen