Inov-8 All Terrain 35 First Impression Review

This is a first impression review. I will get back with an update and more pictures after more extensive use.

All terrain 35 Inov-8 sells this as a fast packing backpack. And that is how I used it for the first test. A four day hike/jog/run in the Swedish hills in Jämtland. I had a load of almost 11 kg and that was a bit too much for actual running in my opinion. With a few kg less in weight I think running would have worked fine.

Inov-8 All terrain 35 backpack

The backpack is a little different from other packs, it is not a vest-style system or a normal backpack. The shoulder straps connect to a strap above the waistbelt and can be moved along the strap. This works well, but the position changes when you loose the pack from your back. Each shoulder strap has a small pouch for snacks, gels or a small water bottle. It has a rolltop closing and the back has a zippered opening for access to the bottom of the pack. That ‘lid’ has a flat compartment for keys, money, paper etc.

Along the sides of the pack on both sides are zippered compartments that don’t give access the the main pack but a side pocket. The side pocket get very cramped if the main bag is stuffed full. There is a slit band that runs on the shoulder straps and on the backside. On the back a shock cord runs all over which is very convenient. One buckle on the bottom and one on top for connecting ice axe, trekking poles etc. On the slit band you can connect whatever string, carabiner or shock cord you want. On each bottom side there is a decent sized stretch pocket I really like the pack. It is minimalistic but versatile, lightweight and big enough. I would have done some things different if I could change the layout. The weight according to my “rough” scale is 700g (will be updated when I can weigh it better).


  • Perfect size and weight
  • Looks good
  • Affordable


  • The pouches on the shoulder straps are too small. Make them bigger and stretching.
  • I am missing the hole for a drinking tube
  • I don’t see the use of the zippered pockets on the sides

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