Trail running: Sörmlandsleden Handen – Ösmo. 43 km

I wanted to test my feet and legs again on a distance more than 40 km, last time was Roslagsleden 2 days overnighter which went great. Now it was time to do at least 40 km with a higher tempo. Sörmlandsleden is my natural choice, and since I miss a section I just hade to fill that gap.

Section 5, 5:3. 5:2 (sadly I did not have energy to do 5:1 which I still have never hiked or ran). I knew from before that section 5 is really nice, specially towards the end in Paradiset. 5:3 and 5:2 delivered too, but some sections is dirt road which always takes my energy level down. I would love to run from Handen to Nynäshamn, but the 53 km scares me a little bit.

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