Trail running: Sörmlandsleden Handen – Huddinge 31km

This is not an epic adventure, but it is a small piece in the puzzle called Sörmlandsleden in Stockholm. A well marked trail that I am working on running or hiking in sections. But mostly I find it to be a perfect trail to do long runs on. You can easily connect the trail with public transportation and you can adapt the length super easy. I really recommend all runners in Stockholm to try it. This saturday I took the commuter train to Handen and ran to Huddinge. Section 5, 6 (50%) and 6:1. It had been raining for a couple of days so the trail was a maze of water puddles – You will get wet feet. Around Gladö Kvarn and the last kilometers near Huddinge is road or dirt road.

The best part is no doubt the area called Paradiset where you run along a few lakes. The area has a couple of round trails that is well worth doing too. A good thing with running on Sörmlandsleden is that you don’t have to look on maps, gps or phones all the time. You just follow the orange markings and when the section start or ends there is a sign post with information and maps. It cannot be easier.

If you want to figure out some good sections for you to run, look at my Google Map over Sörmlandsleden. Makes it really easy to connect sections with public transport etc. There is no end to the possibilities!

Tips in swedish on running/löpning Sörmlandsleden from Nynäsgård

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