Top 5 Tips for Climbing Knowledge online

It’s not hard to find information and guides about anything online, climbing is no exception. The problem is to find good resources with correct information. Here is a list of five resources with high quality information (according to Out For More)

1. Petzl Tech Tips
Manufacturer of climbing gear and verticality equipment with a big section of their website filled with tech tips on everything from crevasse rescue to multi-pitch climbing. Great illustrations and Petzl is a really reliable source of information.

Online magazine with a variety of articles from tech to fun articles about different stereotypes in climbing.

3. SuperTopo Website and YouTube channel
One step towards more geeky climbing stuff. Big wall, trad etc. Great information and a good YouTube channel with a few gems.

4. UK Climbing
A good source for guides on alot of locations mostly Europe. Some gear review and articles.

5. Weigh My Rack
Gear gear gear, reviews, shop and everything in between.

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