Micro Expeditions plans for summer 2019

It feels like spring is here in Stockholm so ideas for summer start to bloom. This is a few ideas, hopefully all of them can be executed.

Trail running 190km on Roslagsleden
Roslagsleden is a trail north of Stockholm, it’s 190km long and well marked. Windbreaks, water sources and resupplies are scattered along the way. That makes lightweight traveling possible. The idea is to bring essential gear, sleep in windbreaks, get food along the way in cafés or grocery stores and run the whole trail in 3-4 days. 2-3 nights out. That would be ~48 or ~64 km per day. I think that would be possible. I would pack sleeping bag, sleeping mat and some clothes in my Inov-8 Race Elite 24.

Glacier travel and alpinism in Kebenekaise
Last year I did a glacier travel course, and then climbed Kebnekaise from Nygrens led. This year the plan is to have a mobile camp and camp higher up in the mountain. Do longer linked traverses around Tarfala and Kebnekaise area. Kaskasapakte looks like a nice climb.

SUP Overnight trip
I’ve done two overnight trips on stand up paddleboard before. But just one night and short distances. The idea for this summer is to use Stockholms excellent archipelago transport system to get out easy with an inflatable stand up paddle board and then set of with a clear plan of where to find fresh water. There’s shops etc scattered in the Stockholm archipelago to it wont be to hard to find water and food.

Sailing to Gotland and Gotska sandön
I sail go to Visby for work in the summer, but the plan is to continue afterwards to Gotska Sandön, if weather and waves permit we take the SUP boards to shore and visit the nature reserve Gotska Sandön with it’s unique nature.

Solo climbing – NO NOT Free Solo.
I’ve done a fair amount of top rope solo with a GriGri and Micro Traxion. If you are a climber you know that top rope climbing is limiting in access and excitement. I’m going to try to lead solo on easy routes, mainly in Stockholm area. But the best trad climbing nearby is Simonsberget in Tunaberg, where I will try to spend some time this spring and summer. Andy Kirkpatrick a british big wall climber writes a lot of great material about climbing and gear.

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