(Hopefully) My first trail ultra marathon

So I’ve sent in my registration for Sörmland Ultra Marathon. A 50 km trail running race that starts in Stockholm Björkhagen and finishes in Haninge (Rudan). The trail follow (mostly) a marked trail called Sörmlandleden. It’s been done in ~3:35 to ~8 hours.

I have both hiked and have been running along the trail before, actually even all the sections which the race follow. Although never 50 km in a day.

My previous experience of long distances is a a handful of 25-35 km day runs. And a two day run 2 x 40 km, where I really took my time. I had a backpack with food and sleeping bag etc. Recently I ran 37 km at 7:35 /km pace which felt fine.

I think the distance will be manageable if I take it easy. My biggest fear is some kind of injury, knee problems for example. I will have some personal rules for myself, for being able to finish and not to push to hard, creating new injury and pain. The idea is to keeping the pace at 8 min per km at slowest (average). Hiking now and then. And if I feel beginning pain in a knee (old injury) I will give it 30 min hiking or rest and if it’s not going away the race is over for me.

My personal “rules”
• 8 min/km slowest pace
• Knee problems = DNF
• Other pains, suffer through and hike a bit
• Eat and drink all the time (probably I won’t need the energy, but it works as a psychological rewards)