Höga Kustenleden

Information and help planning for Höga Kustenleden
Planering av Höga Kustenleden på engelska

Höga Kusten is a 128 km long trail in just north of the middle of Sweden. It’s not the mountains like in the far north, but there’s some spectacular views and sceneries. The trail is 13 sections and ranges from Hornöberget in south to Örnsköldsvik. There is a official site for the trail, it has all the information. This page is mainly for publishing the Google map for Höga Kustenleden.

Getting there
It’s easy to get to either start with public transportation. Check out SJ.se, the start is close to the station Hornöberget E4 and the end is in the city Örnsköldsvik.

Google Map for Höga Kustenleden
This is a digital map for planning your trip to Höga Kusten. It contains camp sites, water sources, windbreaks, cabins and other places of interest.

Official site
Arknat – Architect projects along the trail
Google Map Höga Kusten