Nordic ice skating in Finland, Åbo

This winter in Sweden began early with small sweetwater lakes around Stockholm with good ice. Towards the end of the skating season those lakes became boring (and no good ice anymore) so we looked to the East. Åbo, Finland caught our eye. SSSK had reports of perfect conditions, so we took the boat for a two day trip of skating. We call it Långfärdsskridskor in swedish.

Day one. We started in Pargas Port and did a 61 km tour on perfect ice. Our main concern was not ice quality but boat traffic. We didn’t want to be trapped outside a channel in the ice.

Day two. Started and ended in Kirjais port.

Cold, windy and sunny skating in Finland
Sea ice gathers along the shores crushed by the forces of the sea.

Sailing from Stavanger to Tromsø

You know when the stars and moon align, magic stuff happen. I spend ‘some’ time on the internet looking at what other people do on the oceans and in the mountains. I’ve had my eyes on a boat in Norway called Barba, doing expeditions with photographers and videographers in the arctic for some time. When he posted on his blog that he wanted crew for a sail along the coast of Norway I couldn’t miss the chance to at least send a mail. After som Skype and mailing it was decided, I was going to sail from Stavanger to Tromsø on the boat Barba. It was a month long expedition of first sailing and then scouting for orcas north of Tromsø. This will just be a short teaser and images from the sail. Hopefully I will write something up in the future about this expedition. It was great! And I got to know some amazing people. Look out for a documentary about Andreas and his boat Barba.