Information and help planning for Roslagsleden
Planering av Roslagsleden på engelska

The start of the trail Roslagsleden in Täby

Roslagsleden is another hiking trail in Sweden that originates in the northern part of Stockholms. It’s 190 km long and go from Täby to Grisslehamn. Most parts accessible by public transport. A google map over Roslagsleden. You can filter if you open the map in your Google Map App. It shows campsites, stores, cafés, public transport, water etc. Below is a GPX file for easier use in a GPS device.

Google Map for Roslagsleden trail in Stockholm

Roslagsleden map

One of the nice views along Roslagsleden

Roslagsleden is a great trail that you can complete in a week if you want to. There’s a lot of places to restock food along the way and some windbreaks if you want to camp out. A tent or hammock is advised to bring if you want to complete the whole trail, the last few sections do not have windbreaks. And windbreaks can (rarely) be occupied and full. There is a guide book, webpage and map. These are not essential, but the book gives a lot of information about the nature, culture and history of the areas. A smartphone (with backup battery) and offline maps is enough for most hikers when it comes to navigation. The trail is well marked and easy to follow.

Running or biking
If you don’t want to hike the trail, running or mountain biking are great options. For mountain biking check that “naturreservat” allow bikes in that area. For runners our tips are to plan your trip, it’s easy to do sections and you can resupply water and food along the way. We did section 1-5 with one night in a windbreak, lunch at a restaurant and one stop at a grocery store for extra energy. Future plans are running the whole trail with 3-5 nights out, no stove (eat in cafés and from grocery stores). The ultra trail race Jättelångt 70km run along the last sections of Roslagsleden, a perfect option if you want to do it as a race with some support/aid stations.

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