Top 5 Things I Always Bring on a Trip

For every trip you make the procedure of packing your pack will be smoother. Make lists of what you need for different applications, seasons etc. This is the five items i ALWAYS bring.

  1. Knife. A small knife will do, I use a small multitool call Leatherman Squirt.
  2. Cord. I am not a big fan of paracord, the sheath comes of too easy. I have a 10 meter long dyneema cord 3 mm diameter. It’s strong enough for most things, tent guy line, fix backpack, shoe lace, tie branches to a make a stretcher etc.
  3. Phone. It can be your light, entertainment, watch, map, gps etc. Most important you can call for help if needed. I never let the phone be my only means of navigation for example, batteries will run out …. That is why I also bring a spare battery to my phone, If your phone don’t have that. Bring a small powerbank or have it turned off.
  4. Watch. When you navigate and move a watch is really good to help you keep track. Also you can save your battery on your phone not having to turn it on and off all the time. Time can be really important especially in navigation and emergency situations. Either I bring a really simple watch with batteries that you change every 3 year, limited functionality, but very reliable. Sometimes I use a gps watch, which adds functions but then you have the constant battery problem.
  5. Snacks. Never leave home without it. It can save your mood or you can bribe someone. My Top 5 Energy Snacks.

Other than this you of course need water, food clothing and gear appropriate for the conditions. Navigation: map and compass.