Top 5 High Energy Snacks for the Outdoors

When running, walking, paddling, biking or whaterver adventure you are on – you need energy. This energy need to be carried by you, so look for energy dense products for when you need energy. Fat is a very high density energy product, but you can’t eat only fat. This is my top 5 tips to add some extra energy to my ordinary camping food.

  1. Oils. Coconut oil in particular. It doesn’t go rancid in ambient temperatures. Most oils have 800-900 kcal per 100g which is really high. Use it in your porridge, coffe or freeze dried food.
  2. Air dried salami. My favorite is Fuet, a spanish dried pork sausage. 470 kcal per 100g. This salami holds up well in normal temperatures, can look a bit sweaty in heat. Smell and taste it, I’ve never had Fuet go bad on me in the field.
  3. Parmesan. I just love to have a big chunk of parmesan as a snack or to cut down in my freeze dried food.  Hard cheese holds up really well outside the refrigerator. As long as the cheese taste good and smells ok and is mold free (mold can be cut away), it’s good to eat. 400-460 kcal per 100g.
  4. Cashew nuts. A perfect snack, full of energy and also some protein and fibre. Eat whole as is, or crush and add to your morning porridge. 550-600 kcal per 100g
  5. Marzipan. Yes you read that right. Marzipan (mandelmassa/marsipan in swedish) is a very sweet, packed with energy and some protein. Takes some getting used to. I mostly bring it when I’m doing really high activity sport – like running. 480 kcal per 100g
Parmesan and Fuet salami. The perfect mix.

As comparison most Clif Bars are ~400kcal per 100g.