Toaks Titanium Alcohol Stove Pot Stand Review

This pot stand weighs in a 35 grams, in four pieces. I only use three pieces when I use my small 375 ml pot. With all four sides the pot risk falling of inside the pot stand. For any bigger pot all four pieces is best to use.

Toaks Pot Stand without the pot in place.

The real magic is that the pot stand is ~8cm high which mean you can stack some small branches and twigs inside it. And suddenly you have a wood stove with unlimited fuel. Yes it takes more time and fiddling around, and yes a lot more smoke. And you need to secure the parts together with a thin wire. For me this is invaluable, I bring some alcohol fuel for when I can’t start a small fire. And the rest of the trip I can try to boil water with twigs and branches. Multipurpose (but not it’s intended use)


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Multipurpose


  • Assembly is a bit fiddly
  • When assembled it is not super sturdy and can fall apart if you don’t handle it gently. Can be fixed with a thin wire.
  • It’s titanium which is not cheap. Not sure what the weight would be in aluminium.

Toaks woodstove review

I am in love with a stove. It’s the Toaks titanum woodstove. The stove is made of titanium and is durable and lightweight, and it burns on small sticks, pine cones etc. So you will never run out of fuel. The con is that it takes time and there will be smoke. There is two versions of the stove, small woodstove 151 gram and normal size woodstove at 225 gram. You will have to learn how to use to stove and what you can put in it. The stove is made to take air/oxygen from the outside to get the wood gas to burn.

This is the stove I use when I know I will be in forest areas (everywhere in Stockholm) and have time to fiddle around with sticks and fire. It consumes some time and energy, a normal gas stove is much quicker and cleaner. But the gas will run out and you will have to carry the extra weight.

Toaks titanium woodstove
Toaks titanium woodstove from above
Fire in the woodstove.