Review of Leatherman Squirt PS4 Review

For a long time I was a strong believer in carrying a real, full size knife on outdoor adventures. For example a Mora kniv, EKA Fällkniv or similar. But when I’ve analyzed what I mostly use a knife for I’ve decided that a small multitool is my way go. I cut string, open plastic packaging, cut a sausage or cheese, file nails, bend stuff with the pliers etc. Only when I go out and need to work with wood to make fire I need a real knife. (But mostly I get along with just breaking twigs and sticks and logs with my hands)

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Review
Leatherman Squirt PS4

So the Leatherman Squirt has been my friend for a couple of years. I use the knife, plier and file mostly. The small screwdriver has come in handy at some times. The blade is really small but works for cutting string, cheese, salami, climbing rope etc. The second most used thing is the pliers which come in handy to bend stuff or cut thin wire. My absolute favorite thing is that it’s so small you don’t even notice it in your pocket.

PrimaLoft® new alternative for down

PrimaLoft will release a new insulation “PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume®” It is comparable to down in insulation and feel, but synthetic. Personally I have started to like synthetic insulation more and more. Both for the sake of the birds and the increasing performance of synthetic insulation.

“With its good insulation performance, its hydrophobic properties, the look and feel, and easy processing, PrimaLoft® Black Insulation ThermoPlume® is being implemented by manufacturers in very versatile ways. For example, in midlayers for alpine adventures, in warming jackets for light hikes, and in warming all-weather jackets for everyday life in the city.”


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Surly Lowside minimalistic singlespeed

I really like Surly bikes approach to bikes. This seems to be a BMX for grown-ups.

“We tried to focus on these concepts when revisiting the legacy 1×1 frame. Our goal was to do something that would be fun to ride, stripped down and simple, compatible with a lot of parts you already own, and a bit of a throwback — but not too far back. Many of us still have 1x1s and enjoy them, but that bike is a bit dated. Bike handling geometry has changed a lot but the simple execution of it remains a defining feature. Bike fit has evolved. Trails we ride on are different. We love our old 1x1s because the bike just works. We wanted to address all of this with the Lowside. Produce a bike that was decidedly simple and fun to ride, but matched our expectations around bike fit and riding style, and was a bit less costly to produce.”

I might not buy this bike, but it sure looks like a fun and nimble bike to play around with. Both on the trails and the citys bike parks.

Surly Lowside

Surly Lowside blog post