Review of Exped Scout Hammock UL

First of all I need to put in a disclaimer, I have only tried two hammocks for real. This one and the Sea To Summit Ultralight which is a totally different product than this one.

The Scout Hammock is a (almost) complete system with a hammock, tarp, and bug net. In addition you need some kind of insulation to sleep warm unless it’s really hot outside. The system weighs just under 1kg which is not superlight, but light enough for most people. The bug net is a part of the hammock so it’s not detachable, the tarp is seperate so it could be left at home. I use the Scout Hammock system for solo trips in forested areas regardless of if I’m expecting rain or wind. It has handled that well, although living space is limited in rain.

Exped Scout Hammock UL
Exped Scout Hammock UL setup.

My biggest likes about hammock camping in general is sleep comfort and the ease to find a camp spot (in mid and south Sweden). I sleep on my side and in tents on a nice inflatable mat I still twist and turn and wake up alot during a night, in a hammock lying diagonally sleeping on the side is no problem. Set up right and with the correct insulation I sleep great the whole night. Correct insulation means that I use an underquilt and a topquilt, which is the best system I’ve found. Using pads works OK, but it is not the best comfort. The ease to find camp spots is of course depending on the place you hike I have found the forests in mid and south of Sweden.

The Exped Scout Hammock UL is a great hammock with some versatile uses; is has a sleeve for camping mats, it is possible to turn it up side down to get rid of the bug net, you can pitch the hammock on the ground as a bug net and with the tarp over for rain protection. The ground pitch is not something I would suggest for frequent use.

Exped Scout Hammock UL
Exped Scout Hammock UL, without tarp. No poles in the bug net guy out points