Nordic Ice Skating in Stockholm

At last, the season for ice skating on lakes around Stockholm is under way. It has been for a while actually, and I’ve done a couple of trips. First the small and shallow lakes freeze up, this is fine in the beginning of the season when you just want to get out. When time pass and you get tired of skating small lakes, that’s usually when Stockholms really big lake Mälaren freezes in some parts. You get the feeling of freedom when there are big areas of ice. And then, at last, the salt water of the Stockholm archipelago freezes and this is when you really can do the longest and most spectacular ice skating tours.

Skating here is a unique thing, micro climates and shifts in the weather and temperature gives us the possibility of almost always during winter have ice. Snow melts, new ice appear, old ice get good after a clear cold night. It’s like magic.

I’m not going to touch a lot on security, but I think you should really know what you are doing before you get out on the ice in the winter. Every year people die.

If you want to start off, go on a tour or take a course here are some links:
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Some inspiration from Nordic Ice Skating in Stockholm this season (2019)

Skating in the city centre of Stockholm

The season is coming to and end in Stockholm. The weather was perfect and the masses gathered on the ice of Stockholm. Some of them not equipped at all to handle going through the ice, sad to see.

There was channels in the ice here and there and some weak areas so we had to walk alot. But the experience of skating outside your apartment is worth it all!

Nordic ice skating in Finland, Åbo

This winter in Sweden began early with small sweetwater lakes around Stockholm with good ice. Towards the end of the skating season those lakes became boring (and no good ice anymore) so we looked to the East. Åbo, Finland caught our eye. SSSK had reports of perfect conditions, so we took the boat for a two day trip of skating. We call it Långfärdsskridskor in swedish.

Day one. We started in Pargas Port and did a 61 km tour on perfect ice. Our main concern was not ice quality but boat traffic. We didn’t want to be trapped outside a channel in the ice.

Day two. Started and ended in Kirjais port.

Cold, windy and sunny skating in Finland
Sea ice gathers along the shores crushed by the forces of the sea.