Trail running: Sörmlandsleden Handen – Huddinge 31km

This is not an epic adventure, but it is a small piece in the puzzle called Sörmlandsleden in Stockholm. A well marked trail that I am working on running or hiking in sections. But mostly I find it to be a perfect trail to do long runs on. You can easily connect the trail with public transportation and you can adapt the length super easy. I really recommend all runners in Stockholm to try it. This saturday I took the commuter train to Handen and ran to Huddinge. Section 5, 6 (50%) and 6:1. It had been raining for a couple of days so the trail was a maze of water puddles – You will get wet feet. Around Gladö Kvarn and the last kilometers near Huddinge is road or dirt road.

The best part is no doubt the area called Paradiset where you run along a few lakes. The area has a couple of round trails that is well worth doing too. A good thing with running on Sörmlandsleden is that you don’t have to look on maps, gps or phones all the time. You just follow the orange markings and when the section start or ends there is a sign post with information and maps. It cannot be easier.

If you want to figure out some good sections for you to run, look at my Google Map over Sörmlandsleden. Makes it really easy to connect sections with public transport etc. There is no end to the possibilities!

Tips in swedish on running/löpning Sörmlandsleden from Nynäsgård

Trail running: Caniçal to Porto Da Cruz. 21 km

I started in Funchal, taking bus 113 to Caniçal. There I ran back along the shore and then followed a mountain trail up some small peaks and eventually I came to the tunnel where most people start the trail called Vereda do Larano. Flowing trail running through picturesque villages on a Levada in perfect weather. Arriving at the look out viewpoint Boca do Risco, after that the trail takes on a new shape. It’s still very flowy and runnable, but on some sections the trail in 1 meter wide and then a steep cliff. I walked those sections. When approaching Porto da Cruz evidence of trail running appears as there is a couple of marked and graded trails around Porto da Cruz. I took the bus back to Funchal.

If you want to do a longer run, continue from Porto da Cruz to Ribeiro Frio adding ~16km and from there take a bus.

Trail running: Sörmlandsleden Handen – Ösmo. 43 km

I wanted to test my feet and legs again on a distance more than 40 km, last time was Roslagsleden 2 days overnighter which went great. Now it was time to do at least 40 km with a higher tempo. Sörmlandsleden is my natural choice, and since I miss a section I just hade to fill that gap.

Section 5, 5:3. 5:2 (sadly I did not have energy to do 5:1 which I still have never hiked or ran). I knew from before that section 5 is really nice, specially towards the end in Paradiset. 5:3 and 5:2 delivered too, but some sections is dirt road which always takes my energy level down. I would love to run from Handen to Nynäshamn, but the 53 km scares me a little bit.

Inov-8 Trailtalon 235 review

I really like Inov-8 Terraclaw 220, but I needed a pair of shoes with a little more cushioning for longer runs and fast-packing trips. The solution seemed to be the Trailtalon 235 which offers the same drop (4mm) but alot more cushioning. Inov-8 call it 6 mm power footbed. Weight is 235g (in size 8,5).

I have used them on a four day hike in the northern Swedish hills. Wet and muddy and a few patches of hard rocky trails and 10kg backpack. Also during a short trip, running 40km per day with a 4kg backpack. The shoes worked great on both trips. They are comfortable for long runs, the grip is fine and they are still pretty light weght. That makes for a perfect combination for longer runs and would be better on asphalt than the Terraclaw 220. Although none of those shoes are really road running shoe, but I use them both for that because I need to limit the amount of shoes I have.

The tongue is symmetrical and the shoe laces are really long. I find the asymmetrical lacing more comfortable. Trailtalon 235 is compatible with the All Terrain Gaiter so no need for a o-ring under the sole.


  • Comfortable but lightweight
  • Gray and red color scheme looks good
  • Gaiter-compatible
  • Breathability


  • Symmetrical lacing
  • Not the cheapest (buy them on sale!)


Inov-8 Terraclaw 220 Review

I have used Inov-8 Terraclaw 220 for almost a year and have around 450km of use in them. They have been on gravel roads, asphalt, forest trails, mud and snow. They still look new! The shoes are fairly minimalistic, lightweight and not alot of cushioning. 4mm drop, weight 220g (size 8,5 i think).

There is a lot of room for the toes to move around, and when your feet swell after a long run, there is space in the shoe to fill. Laces work great, they lock in when you tighten them, the shoelaces are really long so I have to tuck them forward under the shoelaces on the toe. The assymetrical tongue is really comfortable and you can really tighten them hard without restricting/chafing your tendons. I haven’t used them for runs longer than 25km but they are fine for that. They are even OK on asphalt road, although trail are what they are made for and where they shine. I would imagine they are a bit thin and light for use on heavy mountain trails with a lot of sharp rock and possibilities to bang your toes in rock. For that I would look at other shoes.

After being soaked with water they don’t keep alot of water, drying fully takes time (as with most shoes).


  • The design, I like the black and red. Stylish
  • Assymetrical tongue
  • Lightweight
  • Seems durable


  • Cost (bought on sale so not a big thing)
  • Color schemes on the non black ones. Looks like spaceships..


Inov-8 Terraclaw 220 black red

For similar shoes but with more sole check out Trailtalon 235

Fornstigen Trail in Stockholm

When you pass the castle Drottningholm you’ll find a perfect trail very close to Stockholm. It is 18km long and suitable for mountainbike ride, trail run or hike. The trail is well marked with blue squares.

The trail is popular with sunday walkers, mountainbikers and runners. On a weekend you will not be alone. This is a perfect hiking trail in Stockholm, specially if you visit Drottningholm.