Top 5 Tips For Your First SUP Overnight Trip

Are you a standup paddle boarder looking to get more of an adventure out of your great hobby. Here are five tips to get you started on a SUP overnight expedition.

All my gear for one night SUP trip
  1. Start small. Begin with a one night trip. This helps alot with the packing, you can simplify your food to snacks and things that don’t need a stove. Also the amount of water you need to bring is limited.
  2. Pack smart. Bring what you need and leave luxuries at home. At least until you know how you and your board handles loads. You should of course not put security aside.
  3. Backpack is your PFD (Personal floating device). Pack your lightest things in a dry-bag. Sleeping bag, clothes etc. The backpack now acts as a lifevest. A real life vest or PFD is of course more effective, it’s up to you what you need
  4. Plan your trip. Try to get a A-B tour, paddling with backpack and luggage upwind is alot more challenging that downwind. So check the weather report and paddle with the wind all the time. Get a friend to pick you up at destination, or try to find a place where your can leave your car and get back via bus or train. If you need to return to the same spot, use islands to provide wind cover.
  5. Go Inflatable. When paddling (at least in Stockholm archipelago) you want to jump ashore on the rocky islands to take breaks and find camp. A rigid glassfiber board does not like being dinged against rock etc. An inflatable SUP could also be transported on public transportation which open up alot of A-B trip possibilities.
Arriving at an Island.