Top 5 Tips for spending MORE time on Youtube

Since we can’t always be outside doing our own adventure, some of my time is spent looking at other people doing adventure on Youtube. Sometimes that feels sad – to spend that much time in front of a computer. But hey, I’m a proud consumer of youtube video. To make your time well spent; here is my 5 tips for youtube channels to follow. In no particular order.

  1. Mediocre Amateur. One guy and his friends doing trail running, skiing and alot more. Loads of ridge walking, sketchy climbing, bushwhacking and puking. One of the guys seems to own a red helicopter…..
  2. Hiking Nerd. The name says it all. A nerd that hikes, or is it a guy nerdy about hiking. Not sure. He video looks good and it’ts worth to try. Gear reviews and trips.
  3. Team BMC. The British Mountaineering Council. Look under their playlists Skills. Where they cover everything from scrambling to ice climbing. The other content is of varying quality.
  4. Venture Lives. There are sooo maaaany channels about a couple sailing the world. Some of them stand out. This is one of them I think. They are based in Alaska and the scenery is stunning. Not a huge amount of content to binge watch.
  5. REI. – Yes the American retailer of outdoor gear. They have a mix of content. Some well produced short stories about a huge range of people and subjects. And also a big section of tips for beginners, everything from how to pitch a tent to how you choose climbing shoes. Well produced.